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Feeding Minds Fighting Hunger-Vegetables for Change

After the success of FMFH’s Kilimanjaro Climb, Dylan is now looking to increase Feeding Minds Fighting Hunger's impact on Food Security at CFC schools.

Vegetables for Change is the answer.

School gardens cannot singlehandedly raise the level of children’s health or substitute for school meals – but they can greatly contribute to them. In agriculture-dependent economies it makes sense for schools to develop their students gardening and entrepreneurship skills, and we need your help, hearts, and continued support to make Vegetables for Change both a successful and impactful project. All 6500 CFC students are hungry for knowledge and ready to start planting.

FMFH History - In June, 2014, 14 year old and CFC supporter Dylan Palladino climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with his mom to raise money and awareness for Caring for Cambodia’s “Food For Thought” Program. Hunger Fighter’s from around the world helped us raise $130,000 USD, which provided two years worth of school meals for over 6500 Caring for Cambodia students. However, the FIGHT for HUNGER continues!

Summer 2015, we launched Phase 1 of our new garden initiative; Vegetables for Change. Phase 1 included the construction of two school gardens, one at the CFC Aranh Sakor High School and the other at Aranh Sakor Cuthbert Secondary School. Funding was used to hire a PT Agriculture Expert, build wells, purchase generators, as well as tools and supplies needed to successfully plant two working gardens. A group of 20 kids from the HS & MS worked on the garden afterschool and on weekends.

January 2016- Phase 2 is underway and is designed to teach more CFC youth about sustainable vegetable planting and entrepreneurial skills both in theory and practice. We've expand the program to four schools: Aranh Sakor High School, Prasat Bakong High School, Aranh Sakor Cuthbert Secondary School, and Bakong Motwani Secondary School, and integrate the garden activities into the school curriculum. Vegetables for Change students will not only learn garden skills from our new agricultural expert Davoin twice a week, but they will also teach and lead their family to implement at home garden as well. Fingers crossed we will yield a good crop so students can sell their produce to the market, teachers, restaurants.

Please get hungry for change and become a Hunger Fighter. With your help we can fight hunger!

Click here to watch my personal effort to help eliminate hunger in all the CFC schools!!!

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  • Goal $200,000.00
  • Raised $133,775.41
Top Donations
  • Brian Yoon - $20,200.00
  • Pierre Juillard - $6,250.00
  • Jared Baker - $5,470.00
  • Sabyasachi Dash - $4,687.50
  • Sameer Taneja - $4,590.40
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Ms. Smith's 5th Grade Class at Lincoln Elementary of Oak Park, IL 4/17/2018 $762.76
Anonymous 11/27/2016 $150.00 Happy 50th Paul!
Anonymous 11/28/2015 $120.00 Bunko Giving Tree donation to support 4 kids for a year of school meals
Carol Whittaker 10/1/2014 $100.00 Great job, Dylan! Great cause!
Sita Sarna 9/21/2014 $240.00 Dylan - I am in awe of your accomplishments and devotion to giving to others. You are an inspiration to me.
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