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Caring for Cambodia needs our help to establish science labs at each of their Junior High/High Schools.  Each lab will be equipped for physics, chemistry and biology, providing much-needed opportunity for experiential learning in the core sciences for all CFC junior and high school students.  One of their schools has been partially equipped by the Cambodian government.

Background:  In 10 years, Caring for Cambodia (CFC) has established results-oriented, child-centered education at 21 schools in Siem Reap province.  In close partnership with the Cambodian government, CFC provides preschool and K-12 instruction; they also work with international and local partners to dissolve barriers to children’s education – barriers such as poor health, inadequate nutrition, and lack of clean water or transportation. 

Their goal is for each CFC child to complete high school and go on to higher education or employment, helping to break a long-term cycle of poverty and illiteracy and strengthening this new generation’s participation in the 21stcentury economy.

Each year they’re work is proven with new indicators of success:  their students are three times more likely to stay in school than students in non-CFC schools, their teachers take part in international state-of-the art training, their students are increasingly likely to go on to higher education or meaningful vocational training.  Also, the government increasingly recognizes that CFC schools are an excellent model at the provincial, and eventually the national level in Cambodia.

Their science curriculum, however, suffers from a significant -- but resolvable -- problem.  While instruction is strong, they cannot offer their students practical, experiential learning, leaving students at a disadvantage.  As the global economy tilts ever more strongly towards science and engineering, CFC is working to ensure that their students are not left behind. 

Request:  CFC seeks support to establish labs in the three core sciences – physics, biology and chemistry – at each of their four Junior High/High Schools:  Bakong Junior High/High School, Bakong Motwani, Aranh Cuthbert and Aranh High School.

The Ministry of Education has provided a complete set of resources to Bakong Junior High/High School which includes all necessary equipment in order to teach the science curriculum Grades 7 - 12 (see Appendix A). A complete set for one field costs approcimately $4,000.  CFC requires 11 more sets in order to fulfil tour aim (2 sets for Bakong Junior High/High School, 3 sets for Bakong Motwani, Aranh Cuthbert and Aranh High School) at a total cost of approximately $43,000.

The science curriculum within Cambodia is predominantly taught through reading textbooks with very little practical activities taking place due to the lack of resources/equipment. By having laboratories in each of our schools, CFC schools will take the lead in teaching science, providing experiential hands-on learning for our students. The Ministry of Education supports practical science in schools but currently lacks the human resources and skills to provide it.

CFC teachers have already completed Phase I of teacher training; all science teachers learned how to use the equipment and mastered simple experiments that they can do with their students. However Phase II cannot begin until each school has at least one working laboratory.

As CFC establishes these laboratories, they will source most of the equipment through a local Cambodian company, supporting Cambodian businesses and ensuring that the model is locally replicable and sustainable.

With the establishment of these laboratories, and the institution of an experiential science curriculum, CFC will:

1)      Partner with the Cambodian Ministry of Education to train other teachers in Cambodia,

2)     Provide a model that ran be replicated in other schools, using primarily locally-sourced materials, as part of CFC’s system-wide commitment to long-term sustainability;

3)     Equip all CFC students with developed, applied science skills that enable them to participate in higher education and the 21stcentury workforce.  

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