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CFC Club at Skyline High School

How have I been involved with the organization?

For eight years of my adolescent life I lived in the South East Asian country of Singapore. Since my family's first trip to Siem Reap in 2008, I have developed a true passion for CFC and for educational development in Cambodia. Throughout the 7 years I have been involved with CFC I have visited Siem Reap three times. Over the course of those three trips I have helped build recycle bins and study huts for the kids, I have helped feed the students early in the morning before their day at school, I have helped tile sidewalks, pave roads, teach students, and I have delivered hygiene supplies for the children. With CFC being such a big part of my life and seeing the first hand change that the organization has brought to Cambodia, when my family moved to Ann Arbor in 2014, I decided to start a new chapter here in Michigan at Skyline High School.

What has Skyline High School’s Club accomplished?

Since the club was quite new, the first two years of Skyline’s CFC branch didn’t raise much money for the organization, but we still stayed incredibly involved! Instead of focusing on fundraising, we decided to focus on getting people educated on Cambodia’s culture and inspired to join the club. These efforts were a success, and developed a team of dedicated individuals ready to fundraise for the 2016-2017 school year. Through numerous fundraisers such as our “Christmas for Cambodia” holiday event and our “Garage Sale for Giving”, Skyline’s CFC club raised over $3000 which directly supported the service trip that we took in June 2017. With this money, our club was able to pay for the construction and painting of many desks/stools, as well as the ability to support one of the CFC schools’ water filtration systems. The money that we worked so hard to raise was directly beneficial to the students and the organization. Our trip to Siem Reap was different than any of my prior visits. I got to work with individuals that, as of one year ago, didn’t know anything about the organization. It was incredibly rewarding to witness my new peers interacting with the Cambodian culture and the organization for the first time. When in Siem Reap, we not only got to participate in physical construction, but also got to work with the students through the ESL (English As a Second Language) program, which was rewarding in a way that I and my peers had never experienced before.

What are our future plans?

Although we have completed our trip, we aren’t done! Throughout this year, Skyline’s CFC Club will not only participate in local food packing events that benefit our students in Siem Reap, but will also work to fundraise for school supplies and to benefit CFC’s gender equality program.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to fund our service trip. It was an incredible experience that allowed our hard work to come together!

Our goals to support these programs are never-ending and your support is greatly treasured.

Thank you,

Skyline High School’s Caring for Cambodia Branch

  • Goal $5,000.00
  • Raised $8,320.50
Top Donations
  • David & Anne Wilhoit - $5,000.00
  • The Hoover Family - $800.00
  • Kathleen Wilhoit - $500.00
  • Garage Sale for Giving - $305.50
  • - $200.00
Donor Date Amount Message
For Goodness Sake 11/28/2017 $50.00 Merry Christmas! - your family in VA
Leslie Anderson 7/2/2017 $40.00
Tim, Melanie, Lauren and Claire de Vries 6/20/2017 $100.00 Very proud of you and all the great work you are doing!
David & Anne Wilhoit 6/11/2017 $5,000.00 Staying Bothered and proud of you Amanda for staying bothered too!
SOCIETE Indoor Cycling, Ann Arbor 6/11/2017 $140.00 $140 of our $245 from CYCLE FOR CAMBODIA.
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