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Team CFC Music Program

Welcome to the fundraising page of the CFC Music Program Team! Our goal is to establish a lasting Music Program at CFC Schools, first at the two CFC High Schools, and eventually we hope that the Music Program will expand so that music learning experiences will be available at all of the CFC Schools.

Our Family lived in Singapore from 2008-2011, and during that time became involved with Caring for Cambodia, both directly, by working on the ground in Cambodia at the CFC Schools (painting & landscaping work at the schools, teacher training activities etc), and indirectly, through fund raising events, and by creating books, learning materials, etc. to be used at the CFC schools.

Our families' experiences in Cambodia were life changing...we all were deeply touched by the beautiful smiles and amazing spirit of the students, their sincere appreciation for any help offered as well as their willingness to learn to help themselves, and their love of school and eagerness to learn.

Since moving back to the US in 2011, we have continued to be involved in CFC. Last year, we decided we would like to help create a lasting CFC School Music is one educational area that had not yet been established at any of the CFC Schools. The majority of the teen students had never had music learning experiences given the limited opportunities, but many expressed keen interest in this given their love for popular music.

Since Emma and Tim are both avid musicians, they were very eager to return to Cambodia to help kick start this effort, and to share the joy of making music with the students!  So we traveled back to Cambodia this past March 2015, and, with the help of the students, a newly-hired music teacher, and the staff at Aranh High School, the first CFC Music/Art Classroom was created, equipped with 10 new guitars, as well as a piano & a variety of percussion instruments.The Music Program at Aranh High School was underway! 

In only 9 months since it has been up and running, “the Music Program has taken off”!  These are the words of CFC Chairman Bill Amelio, after he attended an award event in November 2015 at Aranh High School, which included musical performances by the CFC students. Bill also stated: “I was blown away to see the students practicing their hearts out the day before the event. At the event they brought tears to the parents and all of us watching. They were simply amazing. They wrote their own songs. They sang and played the guitars and the piano. It is a demonstration that all of us must find our talents and you have given so many the chance to find their talents in music. This program is clearly having a profound impact on CFC, our students, and the country.”

Looking ahead to the immediate future, we hope to continue to maintain the Music Program at Aranh High School, while also focusing on expanding the Music Program in 2016 to include the second of CFC’s two high schools, Bakong High School. Any support you can offer to the program to help make this goal a reality for these wonderful students will be greatly appreciated. No amount is too small, and all monies donated are tax-deductible and will go directly to the music program.  Please consider helping us to maintain and expand the CFC Music Program as you weigh any year's end charitable contributions.

Thanks So Much For Your Support,

Patti, Tim, Abby and Emma Spooner

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